Intelligently applied creativity: Radical Business Results.

A new BrandWorld for FastJet demonstrates how effective this cohesive design system can be for business.

We were behind the launch of the new FastJet brand in November of last year. Fastjet is Africa’s first low cost airline, flying initially within East Africa. It is backed by Lonrho plc and Sir Stelios Haji Ioannou.

Launched in November, it has seen unprecedented success in stimulating the market with a mix of low fares and dramatic and multifaceted and impactful marketing activity.

It has already begun to redefine the air transport industry in the region and has allowed thousands of members of the public to fly for the first time.

Fastjet is democratising air travel in Africa.

The brand has employed over 250 local staff and indirectly many hundreds more. It has carried in excess of 30,000 passengers in its first month of operation, and launched a combination of brand, advertising campaign and distribution channel mix, the like of which has never seen before in Africa.

Our marketing mix has been created and managed by a combination of UK and African agencies to ensure a powerful balance of western and local thinking. We have also incorporated local language (Swahili) into communications and are looking to support multi country (language, currency, routes) requirements as we grow into Uganda, South Africa etc.

Fastjet has a vibrant social media platform (Facebook “likes” are at 22,000 in just 7 weeks), a market leading website and a customer communication strategy that resonates with the regular traveller and first time flyer alike.

Even though (at the time of writing) FastJet are only flying to 2 domestic cities from Dar es Salaam, the results are powerful enough to stand alone:

» 8,000 tickets sold in our first week (enough to fill 60 aircraft).

» 33,000 tickets sold by week 5.

» Average yields growth of 66% in first 3 weeks.

» Load factors (% passengers carried per operated flight) in excess of 85%.

» 120,000 unique visitors to the brands website.

» 22,000 “likes” on their Facebook page in 7 weeks. (The Leading African Airline brand, established for years has only 28,000)

» Lead articles in all the daily newspapers on day 1.

» 4 lead news items in local TV stations on day 1.

» Additional flying added to feed demand.

» The BBC has even commissioned a documentary series!

Ed Winter, Fastjet’s chief executive said: ‘To have achieved that load factor and carry almost 30,000 passengers is a fantastic result for the first month of Fastjet operations and clearly demonstrates the latent demand for low cost reliable air travel in Africa.’

For us, when we create strategies for launches, relaunches or the management of brands — it only works if it all works. FastJet is a great example of this.

We continue to work with the team and have high hopes for 2013. We’ll keep you posted.