What we do…

We help launch, relaunch & protect brands.

What do we do? We help manage change.

Some of what we do...

SomeOne is an award-winning London based design practice that strategically launches, relaunches and protects brands world-wide. We work in all sectors, all countries, all of the time.

We invent brands with clients. Or re-invent them ready for new business challenges. We do Branding, not blanding. We don’t change symbols, we create symbols of change.

Ideas excite us, they shape the future, add value and signal change. We’ve moved from being a cost, to an asset. We help organisations, products and services profit from change.

That’s why we concentrate on creating Big Ideas first, then go about making them beautifully. We create monopolies for brands by employing supercharged creativity to connect business strategy with memorable and adaptive executions.

Specifically we do this:

Brand Strategy — Make a plan.
There’s a lot of waffle spoken about strategy. We prefer to call it a plan. A plan that defines what success is for your product, service or organisation, and how you are going to get there.

Develop a Position, not positioning.
What’s your opinion? Every world-class brand has one… but it can only be one… so we help you be bold and choose carefully.

Design Ownable Moments
Brands only exist where there is competition, so what moments, experiences and ideas can you own to create a monopoly?

The posh word for naming. We wouldn’t be into naming if we were not into words so we just had to use it. The dictionary has gone online, so what are you going to call your new brand?

Create BrandWorlds
We don’t create new logos for advertisers to pop in the bottom right hand corner of an old poster. We create an abundance of adaptive assets (and logos) that can be used to brand things without repetitive, patronising, boring badging. Bespoke Typefaces, Colours, Patterns, Sculptures, Sound, Film, Animation… you get the picture… all designed together to join up effortlessly across all media and mediums. As flexible as you are, as ambitious as you hope to be.

Internal engagement
We are experts in helping the people who power the business feel empowered. We have been behind some of the biggest employee engagement programmes in the world (and have the awards to prove it!)

Stop bad things from happening.
Brands never stop evolving, they adapt, change, flex and face unexpected challenges. We keep working with you to ensure the things you do live up to the promises you’ve made. Not just deliver on your promises, but over-deliver.