1. Simon Manchipp argues that a more entertaining approach to creating ways for people to connect with brands is not a folly, it’s more effective.

  2. BLOG / 20 January 2014

    WhitePaper: Play

    Less is not more. Encouraging people to be playful with brands enable owners to do more with them.

  3. BLOG / 13th January 2014

    2014: What’s next?

    SomeOne’s co-founder Simon Manchipp looks at what you could be driving towards in 2014…

  4. BLOG / 18 December 2013

    WhitePaper: Installing Ambition…

    There are a million starting points when creating a new brand — however, there is one key component to aid success. The installation of ambition.

  5. BLOG / 21 november 2013

    WhitePaper: A more colourful life

    Design Partner Laura Hussey calls for business to take a more colourful approach to launching, relaunching and managing brands.

  6. BLOG / 13 november 2013

    Mobile Mix

    Smart technology is helping society in several different ways…

  7. BLOG / 1 august 2013

    Thomas Under-cooked

    For brands to succeed in connecting with mass market audiences — globally — they increasingly need to do more to attract peoples attention.

  8. The ability to self publish + the belief of entitlement + effortless global reach = the big question. How do you do anything commercially creative, anything new — without it getting slammed (often within the very sector that created it) before it can prove itself?

  9. BLOG / 26 June 2013

    I’m a bit rebrand themselves into the past.

  10. BLOG / 09 January 2013

    Harris+Hoole – The debate

    Harris+Hoole – The debate continues

  11. BLOG / 12 july 2012

    Design & Business

    While business is risk-averse, true ceativity is all risk… how do you manage that?

  12. Committee has become a dirty word — but committee’s can make for world-class products, services & organisations.

  13. There’s no reason branding needs to be a word when it can now be a gesture, or an icon when it can be a filter or glitch, or anything needs to be one single stagnant thing when crowdsourcing can add an array of every-shifting facets to any idea.

  14. Co-Founder of SomeOne, Simon Manchipp calls for a better approach to commercial creativity.

  15. 23 March 2012

    Attention to every detail…

  16. February 29th, 2012

    Novelty is Overrated – A lesson from history

  17. 1st January 2012

    Is this the year of super-massive power shifts?

  18. 28 november

    Two become One

  19. 4 november 2011

    Brands need to consider more than surface mounted promises…

  20. 22 September 2011

    “Why Don’t You Just Switch Off Your Screen And Go Out And Do Something Less Boring Instead?”

  21. 13 Sept 2011

    How can Brands be consistent across Transmedia? Forget about being consistent…

  22. 11 august 2011

    Branding 2.0 — What’s next?

  23. june 28 2011

    Progressive brand thinking or misplaced nostalgia?

  24. 23 June 2011

    Will-I-Am on Brands

  25. 12 may 2011

    What’s the Story?

  26. 11 April 2011

    Richard Branson: On Branding

  27. 28 March 2011

    One Big Idea, isn’t the big idea.

  28. 16 march 2011

    Visual ideas rule brands…

  29. yoo: The sexy property company

  30. Here’s an idea. One Big Idea, isn’t the big idea.

  31. Feb 25 2011

    Beyond the beauty parade — How do you choose a Design company?

  32. 21 feb 2011

    When Minimal Attacks — Is simple just simple minded?

  33. 21 feb 2011

    The Logo is dead?

  34. 21 feb 2011

    Caffeinated thinking or sloppy froth?

  35. 28 June 2010

    360° Typographic Experimentation