We have strong strategic, proven opinions around what makes brands work. We think great branding needs to be adaptive. Products, services and organisations change fast, their brands need to flex with them.

Consistent branding just results in matching pairs. Neat, but not that useful. Consistency alone is predictable, patronising, repetitive, dull. Our approach creates strategic and coherent conversations between organisations, services & products with their various audiences.


We work with brands big & small to create richer, more rewarding BrandWorlds to better connect & communicate with people. Our job is often based on helping our clients compete more effectively with others. Brands only exist where there is competition.

Great ideas lie at the heart of great branding. So we start with big ideas, then go about making them beautifully. A variety of bespoke tools are deployed, combined with agile research at SomeOne to uncover smarter and more compelling ways to achieve business goals.

Our work is always strategically-led. We employ a variety of rapid, proven processes to get multiple opinions aligned and things moving in a single agreed direction fast


Working with traditional design groups, many organisations end up with Blanding, not Branding. Why bland? Because people don’t care about a brands positioning, they care about a brands position. No one gets excited by consistency alone, it’s dull.

We design coherent communications. They allow brands to flex into lateral, interesting ideas. These ideas ultimately create a monopoly for the products, organisations and services we launch relaunch and manage daily.

We create all sorts of things for all sorts of occasions but often the best work comes together to make what we call BrandWorlds. A strategic mix of assets that manage and capitalise on business change.

Get in touch and we'll tell you more about what makes brands happy! Here's our details, some of our work and more information about us.

How we work

We combine strategy, design and experiences to make the most of change for brands. We work in all sectors, all countries, all of the time. We invent brands with clients. Or re-invent them ready for new business challenges. We create branding, not blanding.

Unlike large, traditional groups, working with SomeOne means you meet and work with the people who actually do the work. Direct contact with SomeOne’s creative minds means ideas flow more freely, which is important as great brands need great opinions. We don’t fit projects into pre-determined processes, we create bespoke teams around each project.

Strategic ideas excite us, they shape brand futures, add value and signal change. We've moved branding from being a cost, to an asset. SomeOne helps organisations, products and services manage and profit from change. That’s why we concentrate on creating Big Ideas first, then go about making them beautifully. We often help create commercial monopolies for brands by employing creativity to connect business strategy with memorable and adaptive visual executions.

What we're good at

Brand Worlds
Brand Strategy

Who we work with

What we've achieved

Over the past decade we’ve worked hard to create commercial advantages for brands big and small. As a result of the effective outcomes of these projects we’ve been fortunate enough to receive considerable recognition across the industry.

Transform Awards

The awards recognise best practice in corporate, product and global brand development work, with categories that focus on strategy, execution, content and evaluation. More than that, it is a platform for organisations to tell their stories and to discuss reputational change.

2011 — Best Overall Visual Identity, Royal Opera House
2012 — Gold, Royal Museums Greenwich
2013 — Best Use of a Visual Property, FastJet Brand Launch
2013 — Best Implementation of a Rebrand, FastJet
2013 — Best Rebrand following a Merger or Acquisition, FastJet
2014 — Best Implementation of a Rebrand, WorldPay Zinc
2014 — Best Brand Consolidation, Crystal Ski
2014 — Best Visual Identity in the Energy Sector, Atlantis Resources
2014 — Best Visual Identity in the Financial Services Sector, WorldPay Zinc
2014 — Best Visual Identity in the Technology, Media & Teleco Sector, Tesco Hudl
2014 — Best Visual Identity from the Tourism Sector, Crystal Ski TUI
2014 — Best Corporate Rebrand for a Spin off / New company, Tesco Hudl
2015 — Best Brand Work, Cancer Research UK
2015 — Best Brand Work, WorldPay
2015 — Best Brand Work, The Children's Society
2015 — Best Brand Work, 2015 European Games
2016 — Best Implementation of a Brand Development Project Across Multiple Markets, Le Boat
2017 — Best Visual Identity from the Healthcare & pharmaceutical sector, D.Thomas

The Drum Marketing Awards

The Drum Marketing Awards are one of the industry's most sought after accolades. They celebrate the best international marketers and campaigns.

2013 — Best Design Strategy of the Year, FastJet
2013 — Voted "The most respected UK Design Company"
2015 — Commended for "Best Identity Design", Cancer Research UK
2015 — Rated No.8 in the UK Elite Agency league based on client satisfaction
2016 — Rated No.1 in the UK Elite Agency league based on client satisfaction

Brand Impact Awards

An international awards scheme that celebrates creative excellence and consistency across branding design.

2016 — Best In Show nomination, D.Thomas Rebrand
2016 — Gold for Best Professional Services Branding
2016 — Silver for Rebrand, Aston Villa
2016 — Silver for Rebrand, Personal Group

We managed to reach over 1 million people over 30 different countries. Doubling what FastJet's competitors recieve.

SomeOne in London

67 Leonard Street
+44 20 7613 1568

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SomeOne in Sydney

19 Foster Street
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Unusually for the creative sector, SomeOne is owned and run by six award-winning creative minds. Over the past 10 years we’ve grown from 6 people to 50.

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Australia: Laura Coulson & Max Longstaff
Europe: Gary Holt & Simon Manchipp

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We managed to reach over 1 million people over 30 different countries. Doubling what FastJet's competitors recieve.