23 March 2012

Attention to every detail…

even creating our own business card was always going to be a non-standard affair.

For our clients, we attend to every aspect of the brand experience. From the way people answer the telephone to what their advertising says about them.

Being fascinated with all aspects of design, even creating our own business cards was always going to be a non-standard affair.

The business cards in question were designed by Laura Hussey — a Partner here at SomeOne. ‘Business cards are one of the last remaining printed items that retain an important place in a brands repertoire. In a world of PDF brochures, and online archives — the business card still holds it’s own when it comes to breaking the ice at meetings, or swiftly passing on contact details.’

She was keen that the cards were not mass produced in the standard offset litho manner. So she sourced a radically traditional way of bringing the cards to life.

They were produced by AP Landragin, a small boutique printer based in the East End of London using traditional die stamping techniques that have all but disappeared from view. The boutique are one of a handful of companies that are left in the UK capable of this level of craft.

Made from 700gsm black core stock, the business cards went through a number of complex and lengthy processes before reaching the final finished product.

The die stamping process dates back to when printing was first invented. A copper plate is engraved by hand, filled with ink and — unlike standard litho printing — where it is rolled on – the ink is ‘bumped’ to give a unique embossed texture to each letter. As well as being a rarely used traditional printing method AP Landragin are probably the only company that still does this process in-house.

The second process is finishing the cards with a gilt edge — another specialised technique. Because of the thickness of the cards they had to be interleaved and then cut in batches of 10 – making cutting a batch of 4,200 cards a time a consuming and labour intensive process.

Owned solely by Derek and Rob – AP Landragin & Co was established over 80 years ago by Derek’s grandfather. Rob joined the company 23 years ago and together they combine over a century’s worth of printing and engraving experience.

Their small studio in EC2, walking distance from SomeOne’s HQ is the home to four engravers – remaining true to the essence of their close-knit, family run business.

The love and care put into this process shines through – every card is slightly different and visibly unique — it’s not an exact science, the letters on each card fluctuate in tiny ways, they are fractionally imperfect. They are tactile… you can actually feel each letter.

The cards are already turning heads in meetings for their weight, typographic texture and magical edges. The craft, effort and attention to detail is time well spent ‘Business cards are the ultimate personal branding tool, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.’ Says co-founder Simon Manchipp.


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